What is Partner Post?

Partner Post is a space where we introduce product(s) from an individual or an enterprise who are the author of translated articles on POSTD. This space is created right underneath the title of an article.

Here is an example of a Partner Post:

In addition to standard credits (a link to the original article and reference to author), authors will have a space to introduce their own product(s). Authors can also post an image of their product (one product only – due to space limitations) in this space.

We provide this service in exchange for getting overall permission to translate articles on your blog or website and post them on our website.

What is overall permission?

What we usually do is to get permission from authors every time we translate each article. However, with Partner Post, we get overall permission for translating/posting articles[*1] in advance so that both sides (authors and POSTD) do not have to spend extra time getting/giving approval for each article. Having said that, we will inform authors every time each translated article is published.
*1. Include articles that will be published in the future. If necessary, authors can also give us specific instructions such as part of websites/blogs that cannot be used, etc..

What needs to be prepared by authors?

  1. Product title
  2. Product URL
  3. Product description (50-100 words)

*Japanese translation will be done by POSTD, and original script may be shortened when it is too long.

Since our target audience is Japanese engineers, your product description may be edited/modified slightly (if necessary) so that the message will be clearer to Japanese audience.